Travlr Mobile App
Hyper focused travel and savings application for millennials during the gaming age.
Travlr is an application I was contracted to work on in late 2017. The purpose of the app is to help people connect with their friends in order to  share savings goals and inspire each other to save. I had full ownership of the look and feel of the design, from onboarding to major features such as group savings.
Problem Statement:
"I want to learn how to save money more efficiently so that I can afford vacations or other large purchases."

Who this
is for (who)

We decided to specifically gear and cater the product toward millennials who struggle with saving money. We honed in on the millennial market based on our research findings.

The Solution
(The What)

A mobile application that helps millennials and younger adults save money towards vacations or larger purchases by creating a gamified experience that cheers and encourages users to achieve savings goals. In creating a gamified experience, we entice users to reach savings goals and stay in the application.

By keeping them engaged in the application, we increase revenue opportunities for the business. We also decided to incorporate a group savings component to create a sense of community for our users and drive user sign up and engagement.

Mapping the Experience - User Flow (Happy Path)

1. User inputs when and where they want to go, starting with departure date, departure location, return date, and return location.
2. Travlr creates a recommended savings amount based on where and when travel is desired.
4. User is transported to their dashboard, which will become the hub for savings and gamification strategies.
3. Once budget is set, friends can be added to create group budgets (for trips, etc)

Working with the Bold and Agile team, we crafted a dashboard experience that focuses on a roadmap feature to help users envision how far they are from reaching their savings goals. The user also gets a high-level view, along with tips and tricks, to help them save money.

The tips and tricks would link to affiliate partners and blogs creating additional revenue opportunities for the business and simultaneously keep the user informed on ways to help them save money.

Group Saving

The team identified this as the key feature of the application. The group saving component is meant to keep potential users invested in continuing to save by  using a combination of social pressure and social encouragement to help them reach goals.

Users could also set group goals and group challenges to add to the gamified experience and encourage group participation. This feature would keep the app sticky and create more revenue opportunities for the business.

Travlr Gamification

Here is a quick peek into some of the additional badges and easy ways the user could track how they are doing in achieving their savings goals.


Below is a list of recommendations I shared with the team to track if the design was successful and hit the desired market.

•Track if users finish a complete budget

•Track if users come back to create new budgets after completing a previous budget

•Track if users are adding groups (to see if feature is necessary)

•Track success rates for groups


After the project, I was able to step back and find lessons learned and ways I could improve my process in the future. Here is what I discovered:

•Something I would have changed was getting user feedback earlier. I think I could have found some of the solutions earlier had I received  more feedback.

•Start defining a Style Guide during the process.

•I would have stayed in lower fidelity longer to move through the process and get feedback quicker.

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