Best Western Rooms & Rates Page
Creating a higher converting Rate Display for one of the world’s leading hospitality companies.

In 2018, I helped the eCommerce team at Best Western redesign a better converting rate display on By studying our data and working with customers, we eliminated unnecessary information, opening up more space for rates and more important information to our users. We also focused on highlighting the best rate and placing visual indicators to help direct users to the best rate available. The result was a direct increase in conversion and increase in booking using our BWR member rate.

Problem Statement:
"As a reward member I would like to always book the best available rate for my vacation stay."

Defining The
Opportunity and Solution

How do we display our Best Western Rewards Member Rate (BWR Rate) more prominently so that the BWR Rate and program can continue to grow revenue/customer satisfaction grades while crafting a better experience so that our users can book our best rate consistently and save money.

Mapping the Experience - User Flow (Happy Path)

1. User vist

User visits and intends to book a hotel. The user enters booking accommodations through the booking widget.
2. User lands on Room & Rates Page

User selects a Best Western property and it lands them on the rooms & rates page.
3. User is introduced to different rate options

Once on the Rooms & Rates page, three of the best rates will be displayed. Above the rates we will display a marketing message with the ability to input an email on our member rate and receive our special reward rate.
4. User enters email and unlocks our special member rate

The user enters their email address and is entered into a soft sign up for our Rewards program. They can now view any member rate and ensure that the lowest-offered rate is booked. Upon checkout, the user is prompted to finish their soft sign up and lock in their guaranteed low member rate.

Once the team agreed on the flow, I started working on improving the experience by focusing on the page by sections. I started with what we refer to as the “Hotel vitals” section and worked down to the rate display.

Hotel Vital Section (Old design vs New Design)

Improvements made
to the Hotel Vital
Section via the new design.

Some of the insights and takeaways:

• A lot of redundant information was taken out and we focused on highlighting the information guests wanted to see on this page. It freed up a lot of space and allowed for a fresh presentation of this information.

• The final design allowed for a much cleaner presentation and allowed us to reach our goal through moving rates up above the fold.

• Emphasis was placed on our links to meet WCAG 2.1 standards by keeping them underlined and upping the contrast. Potentially saving the company millions of dollars by avoiding lawsuits.

•Rates were made bigger, allowing our guest to find vital information.
Rate Display (Old design vs New design)

Improvements made
to the Rate Display.

Some of the insights and takeaways:

• We removed the tooltips and exposed vital information regarding the details of the rate.

• We added visual indicators to our Best and Member Rates. 

• I crafted a new elevated card look to help add emphasis and create a fresh scannable presentation.

•We added an email input to allow a soft sign-up and give our users faster access to hidden exclusive member rates.

Testing Phase

From there, the next step was to get the design in front of guests for feedback/insights. Our eCommerce UX advocate, Juan Castro, ran user testing through the online tool Erlibird. I had the pleasure of listening in on the calls and taking notes based on user feedback.

For the next iteration, the messaging and call to action were cleared up, in addition to giving the rate display a better visual treatment based on comments from users.

Metrics (How)

After the development and release stage, we moved onto tracking success of the redesign. The key metric we tracked was the number of bookings using the Member Rate as well as our BWR Program ranking. Working with our data analyst, Kat Israel, we monitored our conversion rate and we saw our bounce rate on the rooms & rates page go down in 2018-2019.

The work done by the UI/UX team also brought home some hardware as the team was honored with two Adrian Awards from the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International


in Total Revenue on

*up from 4B


in List of Best Hotel Rewards Programs

*U.S. News & World Report's Best Hotel Rewards Programs list.

*Highest amount of Reward Member Bookings
* Metrics results as of 2019

Reflections &
Lessons Learned

After the project, I was able to step back and find lessons learned and ways I could improve my process in the future. Here is what I discovered:

•Incorporating the Front-end team earlier would have let me know there were restrictions on placing the rates. 

•I would have liked to explore the vertical rate more as this would have been a massive change from the industry standard and could have potentially made us stand out from competitors more. 

•Defining the styles earlier would have helped me keep the patterns more consistent. 

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